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Mantra #1: People are at the core.

Mantra #1: People are at the core.

After 2 years of Business School and reading countless cases on topics ranging from finance to high-level, global strategy, every business challenge, opportunity, or issue basically came down to people – the decisions people make, the biases people bring to the table, the motivations people want to fulfill, and most importantly, the incentives that make people behave the way they do.  This got me thinking.  As imperative as it is to develop a sound, logic & data-driven strategy to business or life situations, it is just as (if not more) important to understand the people involved.

What is it about people you need to understand?  Well, a lot of things.  To simplify, understand that people are made up of a complex anatomy and physiology run by millions of biochemical reactions.  These reactions are a result of genetic makeup, backgrounds, history, and childhood and ultimately, result in emotions, attitudes, behaviors, reactions, personalities, motivations, biases, needs & wants and so much more.

So, before you immediately judge someone, try to take a moment to understand which variation of human complexity you’re encountering.  Once you do that, try to tailor your action accordingly.  This is not a pitch to “embrace diversity” or corporate values speak, but just a matter of fact to consider the millions of biochemical reactions that make up the human being.  I know – easier said than done.  But that’s why it’s an important mantra.  Keep repeating it as part of a daily routine.


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