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Making sense of charts/graphs shouldn’t end with a four-letter word!

Before I get into this post, some news to share with everyone!  I’ve recently transitioned from consulting to industry – I am now a Principal Product Manager in Mobile Banking solutions for a company called Fiserv.  I am really excited about the change and welcome any advice or guidance on how to make this transition … Continue reading

Are you a “strategist”? If so, what’s your definition of strategy?

As of late, when responding to the question, “What do you do for a living?” with, “I am a Strategy Consultant”, the immediate next question is “Can you explain to me in simple terms, what is strategy?”  It’s a great question and I enjoy responding to it – especially to those who think they got … Continue reading

Top 5 Executive Concerns Analytics Professionals Must Address

Bindal S. Asks… Companies make huge investments in data but it’s predominantly used strictly for operational reporting purposes.  Decision-making continues to be driven primarily by experience and less by the data-driven insights. I think this is due a mix of different reasons some of which are listed below: 1. Distance between the decision makers and … Continue reading

Listening: The Underutilized Human Gift

I am guessing most readers of this blog have encountered at least one person (if not many) in the recent years who has pulled out their mobile device and started typing away in the middle of a dinner or a meeting.  In fact, we are all becoming guilty of this – so much so that it … Continue reading

What’s the big deal with big data?

Big Data seems to be the pervasive buzzword these days so I thought I would take a moment to shed some light on this topic being that Data & Decision Analysis and Predictive Analytics are big interests of mine. What is Big Data?   First and foremost, it’s data that is being collected from numerous sources at … Continue reading

5 Simple Steps to Measuring Your Path to Success

An Anonymous Reader Asks… Personal KPIs. Selecting them, monitoring them, etc. I would be curious to hear your ideas on this as this is something that I’m actively working on for myself. The MBA Responds… Thanks for the great question, anonymous reader!  This topic is quite timely and is an extension of my previous post … Continue reading

How to Set Yourself Up for Success (and not ambitious failure!)

I have recently gotten involved in quite a bit not only at work but also outside of work.  In all of these commitments, there is quite a bit that has to get done in order to achieve some pretty ambitious goals.  Jim Collins and Jerry Porras (featured in the Harvard Business Review) call these Big, … Continue reading

How to Say ‘No’ At Work!

@awkwarsh Asks… How do you say no to more work when you have too much? The MBA Responds… Thanks for the great question, @awkwarsh!  This one actually took me quite some time to structure and frame some practical advice.  Saying “Yes!” when you should really being saying “No!” is a practice that occurs more often … Continue reading

Do you ‘CYA’? Well, C U L8R!

An Anonymous Reader Asks… I recently joined a company where the term ‘CYA’ is thrown around quite a bit. I am used to the small company environment where using this term was career-limiting.  What are your thoughts on the matter and what should I do? The MBA Responds… Thanks for the great question! To those readers … Continue reading

A Prescriptive Approach to Improving Your Metrics – The Doctor Will See You Now

Leslie H. Asks… I am an administrator for a Cardiology practice in the mid-west, and we have been noticing a high rate in no shows over the past several months. We’ve considered charging patients for not showing up, but I’m not sure if it’s the right way to go. I’ve researched policies to see what other … Continue reading