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5 Simple Things You Must Do Before Starting a New Project

Michael C. Asks… I recently joined a consulting company as an entry-level analyst.  Being new to all this, I am curious to know what I need to do when starting a new project and how I can succeed in project-based environments. The MBA Responds… Congratulations on starting your career, Michael!  Thanks for the great question! … Continue reading

Do you have what it takes to be an Effective Leader?

An Anonymous Reader Asks… I’ve been recently promoted and am working on the skills needed to lead a team.  What skills or characteristics do I need to work on for my future success? The MBA responds… Thanks for the question, aspiring leader!  Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to work alongside and network with … Continue reading

Apple vs. Orange: Who wants the juice?

Rohit U. Asks… When forced to make an apples to oranges comparison, what’s a good approach to take? The MBA responds… Thanks for the question!  Before I go any further, let’s take a moment to make sure everyone understands the question and set some expectations by breaking the question down. “When forced…” – translate this … Continue reading

Using Structured Problem Solving & Value Mapping to Tackle Health & Wellness

Susan T. Asks… I’ve tried many different diets over the years but have been unsuccessful in losing weight.  Can you please help me figure out a way to not only lose weight but be healthier overall? The MBA responds… Thanks for the timely and perpetual question, Susan!  In a recent discussion with a friend, we … Continue reading

Mantra #1: People are at the core.

Mantra #1: People are at the core. After 2 years of Business School and reading countless cases on topics ranging from finance to high-level, global strategy, every business challenge, opportunity, or issue basically came down to people – the decisions people make, the biases people bring to the table, the motivations people want to fulfill, and … Continue reading

My 4 Mantras to Managing Business & Life

Over the recent past, my real-world and virtual experiences constantly serve as a reminder of how rapidly the world is changing and evolving.  Nonetheless, our Graduation Keynote Lecturer, Prof. Brad Killaly, also reminded me via his last lecture that the more things change, the more they remain the same.  Regardless of which school of thought … Continue reading

Mantra #2: Trust, but ask questions.

Mantra #2:Trust, but ask questions.   Have you ever found yourself in your doctor’s office dying to ask a question?  You’re so eager to ask the question, but end up not doing so because you don’t want to question the so-called expert, your physician?  If people are afraid to ask questions regarding their health and … Continue reading

Mantra #3: Life is all about tradeoffs.

Mantra #3: Life is all about tradeoffs.  Couple years ago on a high stress, mission-critical project for a huge client, I remember a colleague repeatedly reminding our project team that If everything is a priority, then nothing is a priority.  This statement really resonated with me and extends this Mantra that life is all about tradeoffs. … Continue reading

Mantra #4: Appreciate your experiences.

Mantra #4: Appreciate your experiences.  I’ll be the first one to say life is not easy nor is it fair.  Nonetheless, there is an opportunity to learn, grow and appreciate each and every interaction you encounter on a daily basis whether it be business or personal.  Assess every good, bad, and ugly happening in life from … Continue reading

Welcome to Consult The MBA!

Welcome to ConsultTheMBA.com!  My name is Srinivas and I am the MBA! Let me first tell you how this blog got started.  Over the years, I’ve spent countless hours providing advice to friends, family, and colleagues on a myriad of professional and personal topics.  People actually enjoyed listening to the advice, would call for more, … Continue reading