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Making sense of charts/graphs shouldn’t end with a four-letter word!

Before I get into this post, some news to share with everyone!  I’ve recently transitioned from consulting to industry – I am now a Principal Product Manager in Mobile Banking solutions for a company called Fiserv.  I am really excited about the change and welcome any advice or guidance on how to make this transition … Continue reading

Top 5 Executive Concerns Analytics Professionals Must Address

Bindal S. Asks… Companies make huge investments in data but it’s predominantly used strictly for operational reporting purposes.  Decision-making continues to be driven primarily by experience and less by the data-driven insights. I think this is due a mix of different reasons some of which are listed below: 1. Distance between the decision makers and … Continue reading

What’s the big deal with big data?

Big Data seems to be the pervasive buzzword these days so I thought I would take a moment to shed some light on this topic being that Data & Decision Analysis and Predictive Analytics are big interests of mine. What is Big Data?   First and foremost, it’s data that is being collected from numerous sources at … Continue reading