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Top 5 Executive Concerns Analytics Professionals Must Address

Bindal S. Asks… Companies make huge investments in data but it’s predominantly used strictly for operational reporting purposes.  Decision-making continues to be driven primarily by experience and less by the data-driven insights. I think this is due a mix of different reasons some of which are listed below: 1. Distance between the decision makers and … Continue reading

How to Set Yourself Up for Success (and not ambitious failure!)

I have recently gotten involved in quite a bit not only at work but also outside of work.  In all of these commitments, there is quite a bit that has to get done in order to achieve some pretty ambitious goals.  Jim Collins and Jerry Porras (featured in the Harvard Business Review) call these Big, … Continue reading

A Prescriptive Approach to Improving Your Metrics – The Doctor Will See You Now

Leslie H. Asks… I am an administrator for a Cardiology practice in the mid-west, and we have been noticing a high rate in no shows over the past several months. We’ve considered charging patients for not showing up, but I’m not sure if it’s the right way to go. I’ve researched policies to see what other … Continue reading

Using Structured Problem Solving & Value Mapping to Tackle Health & Wellness

Susan T. Asks… I’ve tried many different diets over the years but have been unsuccessful in losing weight.  Can you please help me figure out a way to not only lose weight but be healthier overall? The MBA responds… Thanks for the timely and perpetual question, Susan!  In a recent discussion with a friend, we … Continue reading